Research areas




  • Fundamentals of creating complex distributed multi-level information systems, in particular, statistics systems.
  • Data analysis methods and security services.
  • Information technologies for corporative applications, automation and decision support systems.



  • Non-traditional representation of data and data processing facilities.
  • Methods and tools for optimizating structures and algorithms of function-oriented computing systems.
  • Hardware and sortware for real-time computing systems.
  • Tools and algorithms for data security.
  • Special-purpose expert systems, supporting facilities.
  • Information management in computer systems and software.
  • Embedded hardware and software computing facilities.
  • Table-driven, table-algorithmic and table-recursive calculations.
  • Special-purpose processors structure and algorithms.
  • Information streams management in e-learning.
  • Digital hardware monitoring with optimal time and hardware redundancy.
  • Pseudo-random testing of digital devices, methods, and tools.
  • Testable digital circuits and systems.
  • Managed pseudo-random number generators and sequence generators for various fields.
  • Fault-tolerant multi-processor systems, modeling their behavior in failure flow.



  • Computer systems and networks software.
  • Engineering and enterprise systems.
  • Decision support computer systems.
  • Automated control systems.
  • Intelligence and expert systems.
  • Business program products.
  • Web-portals.
  • Multimedia software.
  • Databases and knowledge bases.
  • Diagnostic and certification systems.
  • Information security software for computer systems and networks.

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