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Fulbright Exchange Program is the oldest and one of the most prestigious program of competitive grants for international educational exchange for scholars and students, which is financed by USA government. It was founded in 1946 by United States Senator J. William Fulbright. The program has been valid since 1992 in Ukraine, almost 700 Ukrainian students, young teachers and scholars have conducted researches or education in USA. At the meantime more then 400 US students, specialists and professionals visited Ukraine as teachers, researches and advisers.

Fulbright Exchange Program offers several grants, which differ with duration, requirements and purposes. Nowadays Ukrainians have ability to take part in following programs.

Grants for students:

Fulbright Graduate Student Exchange Program – grants for senior, graduate and postgraduate students. Program offers education in US universities for period from one-two years for getting master’s degree.

Young teachers and researchers:

Fulbright Faculty Development Program – program for young teachers and researchers. Grant is given for period from 9-10 months and allows to conduct researches, to inherit experience of US universities, to elaborate educational courses, to take part in workshops and conferences.
International Fulbright Science and Technology Award – grant is given for persons aged less than 36. Program is offered for young teachers and researches who want to get PhD degree in USA.

Candidates of science, Doctor of Science, young researchers and postgraduate students:

Fulbright Scholar Program – program for candidates, doctors of science, researchers, journalists, attorneys and so on. Grant for conducting researches at US university for period 4-9 months.
Fulbright-Kennan Program – program for researchers and teachers from institutes, Higher Educational Establishments and educational centers. The program provides 6 month’ researching in branch of humanitarian and social sciences at Kennan Institute.

According to Fulbright Exchange Program Ukrainian universities have ability to invite US professional of any branch of science for lecturing during 1-2 half-years:
U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program – grant covers all costs of invited scholar for his being in Ukraine, Ukrainian establishments have to provide job and necessary assistant help.
Fulbright Specialists Program – US scholar invitation during 2-6 weeks period for lecturing for students and postgraduate students, for taking part in science and educational events, holding workshops, educational material elaboration, holding programs for qualification level increasing of Ukrainian specialists.

Paying attention on fact that participation is very prestigious and most costs for researches and education are paid by Program organizers and, in case of necessity, university, the main intention of potential participant during application form preparation and passing the interview is to answer the question: why do you have to study or to conduct researching in USA, and how your received experience would help you in your future job and what benefit will be brought to your country and to USA. Program doesn’t provide any quotes depending on participant’s region, his specialization, age and so on – the main standard is only topicality of project and possibility of implementation of it’s results. During the competition among scholars attention will be paid to previous achievements of the applicant, his potential to cooperate with US and Ukrainian colleagues in chosen specialization. Applicant for scholarship has to have excellent knowledge level of English, which will be proved by essay and interview, to have Ukrainian citizenship and not to take part in exchange programs last 2-5 years ( in dependence on the program ). More details about requirements you can find on website

Participants selection is divided into three stages:
- essays reviewing by US and Ukrainian specialists ( May – June );
- interview in English ( July – September ) ;
- recommended candidates approval and defining universities for finalists ( January – April ).

In this way selection lasts one year since finish of application forms receiving. Terms for submitting application forms in 2012-2013:
- Grants for students: May 16th, 2011
- Grants for teachers: March 31th, 2011
Competitions for this educational year will be announced in December, 2010.

Fulbright Exchange Program’s participants receive a scholarship each month(payment), ticket to both directions, health insurance, additional costs for special literature. For researchers of older age some additional funding is possible for invitation family members to USA for researching period.

The main informational Fulbright Exchange Program resourse is official website FULBIGHT UKRAINE Here you can find full information about existing grants and conditions of participation. For those who is going to take part in competition there is a list of necessary documents, forms, advices dealing with documents formatting and writing essay, also essay examples of last years. In addition you can find indormation about English test TOEFL and special test GRE (Graduate Record Exminations) – test in English for checking knowledge in chosen specialty. Besides, there are past years participants’ articles and useful hyperlinks. Periodically webinars, online conferences, are held.

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