French section

French section of FAM international office welcomes you
The goal of creation and work of French section at the FAM is::

  • Informing faculty students about possibilities of education and internship in French HEIs.
  • Organization of selection of FAM students for participating in exchange programs, support in creation of presentation of programs, communication with French partners and meeting with them, supporting the development of common educational programs.
  • Assistance of organization of French language and culture courses for those who wish take DELF-DALF exams.

On these pages you will find information on how to proceed your education in French HEI (universities or High Schools), pass internship.

Section coordinator – Kovalchuk-Hymyuk Ludmyla Oleksandrivna.

Address: NTUU “KPI”, FAM, building 14, classroom 75

Phone +38 044 454 9930


French higher education system
System of higher education in France consists of:

1. Universities:

  • There is no selection during admission to university. Everyone, who has school diploma («baccalaureat»), is admitted.
  • In universities education is received as follows: 3 years (bachelorate) + 2 years (master), 3 years – doctorate (equivalent to postgraduate)

2. Engineering Schools

Historical note: Engineering Schools have been created since mid of XVIII century for to train engineers able to create large engineering structures, manage construction of ships, mines and so on (unlike universities, which where training «bookworms»).

The most of Engineering Schools cherish their traditions and ancient name, even if this doesn’t corresponds to profile of School.

  • Enrollment to Engineering Schools is only by competition after 2-3 years of special courses (so called CPGE – Classes Preparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles)
  • Engineering Schools doesn’t always exist under the aegis of Ministry of Education, it can be Ministry of Industry, Defense, etc. Engineering schools are Інженерні Школи have close relationships with business, their education is more applied, then one in universities.

Among Engineering Schools stand out High Schools (so called «Grandes Ecoles»).

High Schools – are elite Engineering Schools, they gather best CPGE graduates annually. Educational program in High Schools consists of 3 courses: first – same for all – with 2 years of CPGE makes up bachelor cycle, 2-3 courses are master cycle. Program finishes with awarding the engineer diploma and master’s degree. Program is created in such way that engineer training cycle is wider then usual master training program. Training of engineers also includes large amount of practical internships – starting with industrial practice, when student has to take part in manufacturing like usual worker, and finishing with scientific-practical internship (between 2 and 3 courses_, where student practically applies theoretical knowledge got in high school. This internship can last up to whole year and, partly, take place abroad.

In Ecole Polytechnique  educational program consists of 4 courses.

FAM has cooperation agreements with three French universities:

  1. École Polytechnique;
  2. ParisTech;
  3. Université du Maine.

Admitting to participate in entrance competition doesn’t require knowledge of French language (enrolled will be offered language training).

Candidate requirements:

  • Age – 26 or younger at January, 1 of the year of documents submission;
  • Education – 3/4 years completed at FAM.

Partner universities offer FAM students the following programs:

  1. Short-time scientific internships
  2. Full cycle of engineering education
  3. Master’s programs
  4. PhD programs
Program type Duration Diploma type Selection Language
Short-time scientific internships 1 semester No diploma Papers French is optional, good English is required
Full cycle of engineering education 2-4 year (depends on School) Double diploma (NTUU “KPI” Master  Diploma + Engineer Diploma of the selected School)

Written and oral examinations(Kyiv and Paris)

At the moment of submission knowledge of French language isn’t required, English language is required.
Undergraduate 2 years Mastère On an individual basis French B1 + English. English programs are available
Postgraduate 3 years Docteur On an individual basis Study in English are available

Selection procedure

Pre-selection takes place in NTUU ‘KPI’. Final decision is made by French side according to the admission rules.  Study process is in English or French, depending on university and program.

Study costs

In cooperation programs (Ecole Polytechnique, ParisTech) students are exempt from tuition fees. They get scholarship (about 600 euro), which covers their living expenses. For education in Université du Maine (University de Man) it’s required to have bank account in amount of 5000 euro (requirement of French embassy).

According to cooperation agreements, financial support of activities, connected to program, is performed separately in each case.

Student’s obligations

Students, who take part in cooperation programs, have to follow the rules of HEI, where the study.

Students are required to have an insurance for the period of studying.

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